• Aggregated & Centralized Liquidity
  • Best Bid/Offer
  • Tighter Spreads
  • Increased Trading Efficiency

Aggregated FOREX Trading

CAX ("Central Aggregate eXchange"), is a multi-portal and multi-bank aggregator, offered as an API or multiple ISV solutions, that aggregates several major portals and ECNs, top-tier institutional direct bank feeds and several large proprietary trading groups, third party consortiums and hedge funds. * The CAX FX aggregation model and internal matching engine provides tighter spreads and higher propensity to see "choice" markets on major currency pairs.

vCap FX

  • OTC Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Aggregated FX Liquidity Solutions
  • FX Prime Brokerage Services
  • Algorithmic & Automated Trading

Institutional FX Trading

vCap FOREX is an institutional FX broker that provides voice, electronic and direct desk services for the institutional FX client. vCap FX provides execution of OTC spot & forward foreign exchange and OTC FX options through high-end FOREX trading systems and FX portals, premier global execution services and 24-hour access to the FX market.

vCap Futures

vCap Investments

vCap Exchange

  • Institutional Currency Exchange
  • FX International Payments
  • FX Delivery
  • FX Risk Management

Institutional Currency Exchange

vCap Exchange provides institutional currency exchange, FX international payment and FX delivery services that facilitate the physical delivery of over 85 different global currencies in the cash, spot and forward FX markets. Conduct your institution's cross-border transactions, process large currency transactions with confidence and security, manage your payables and receivables more efficiently through vCap Exchange’s services. By using the cash and spot foreign exchange markets, institutions can improve their bottom-line revenues and help manage their foreign currency exposure.

vCap FX

  • TradeVec
  • Portware
  • Liquidus


Connectivity to the CAX is offered under multiple ISV solutions for institutional traders, hedge funds or asset mangers and via the CAX API for algorithmic or automated traders. CAX ISV solutions include our premier front-end, TradeVec, as well as Portware and Liquidus.